Sirui Treppiedi R-1204 carbonio 4 sezioni R1204 Cavalletto Treppiede Espandi

Sirui Treppiedi R-1204 carbonio 4 sezioni R1204 Cavalletto Treppiede




Sirui Treppiedi R-1204 carbonio 4 sezioni R1204 Cavalletto Treppiede

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Consegna in circa 5-7gg lav.

€ 163

spedizione 9€ con corriere espresso assicurato

Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 16 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 16 punti può essere convertito in un buono di € 3.

maximum height: 156 cm, 
folded height: 50 cm, 
maximum loading capacity: 10 kg. 
Weight: 900 gram!

The material and state-of-the art production technology make the tripod light and provide high mechanical durability. The devices are covered with a special and thermally hardened layer increasing resistance to abrasion. This quality seems to be especially useful if the tripod is often used for landscape shoots purposes, when it is constantly exposed to changeable weather conditions. Legs of the tripods from „R” series (excluding R-1204 model) end with rubber feet and sliding steel spikes ensuring stability on uneven and boggy grounds.   


The kit comes with:

-SIRUI R-1204 tripod


-Arm strap

SIRUI R-1204
The tripod’s construction ensures work stability, while the highest-quality material facilitates shooting both at low and high temperatures (-40º C - 100º C). In comparison to N, M and TX series, the tripod does not feature the monopod function and reversed leg folding system (the so called „traveller” function). It provides the maximum loading capacity of 10 kg, weighting only 0,9 kg. The tripod’s legs have been divided into four sections with height adjustable by bolts. Each section is divided by a special gasket protecting the device against sand, dust and dampness. Leg base may be adjusted individually to suit your needs, in the following ranges: 25º, 55º and 80º. One of the legs comes with a special foam increasing the comfort of use at low temperatures.

Technical specification:

  • number of sections: 4
  • first section diameter: 25 mm
  • last section diameter: 16 mm
  • maximum height (with a column): 156 cm
  • maximum working height: 131 cm
  • minimum working height: 35 cm
  • weight: 900 gram
  • maximum loading capacity: 10 kg

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