Quantuum Fomex HD 600Ws Studio Flash Espandi

Quantuum Fomex HD 600Ws Studio Flash




Quantuum Fomex HD 600Ws Studio Flash

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Consegna in circa 5-7gg lav.

€ 410

spedizione 9€ con corriere espresso assicurato

Con l'acquisto di questo prodotto è possibile raccogliere fino a 40 Punti fedeltà. Il totale del tuo carrello 40 punti può essere convertito in un buono di € 8.



After a long time of research in photography lighting system, Fomex light system was born on accumulated technology and know-how in photography industry.
Control system with a microprocessor module makes operation easy and produces the precise output power. High quality components, sophisticated design and rigorous testing resulted in a product that is safe to use, durable and portable.
Fomex lighting system is specially designed and made to last and to protect against mechanical damage.

HDprop-Light SPEC

Name and function of panel

1. Slave sensor: It has function to slave the light of other lighting
2. Slave ON/OFF button: It is a function to select if to slave with other lighting. 
(ON: Slave, OFF: Unslave)
3. Sound ON/OFF button: It makes signal sound on flash electrification or electric discharge.
4. Test PUSH button: It is pressed on flash electric discharge or flash test.
5. Modeling lamp control volume: It controls the brightness of modeling (halogen) lamp
6. Flash power control volume: It controls power of flash(strobe)
7. Power switch: It has function of turning off and on the lighting.
8. Synchro”X”: It is a terminal that connects synchro cord.
9. Fuse box: Contain fuse 
10. AC input: Connecting part of power cord
11. Umbrella holder

Name of each part

1. Protection cap
2. Modeling(Halogen) lamp
3. Flash tube(Xenon tube)
4. Accessory disassembling and assembling locking knob
5. Slave sensor 
6. Lighting grip 
7. Stand stub joint fastening bolt 
8. Stand stub joint part 
9. Pro fastening bolt
10. Knob for fastening 
11. Control panel 

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