Quantuum Fomex G 600 Studio Flash Espandi

Quantuum Fomex G 600 Studio Flash




Quantuum Fomex G 600 Studio Flash

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Expression of the moment

Especially, G series can take the precise image while high speed shooting with 30 flashes per second at ashortest flash duration time of 1/8000s. 

Fast response to user demand
Fomex never misses to user’s requirements. 
Ease the process of making choices when it comes to choosing a studio flash.
Providing High standard strobe in every aspect for its price, features, safety, design, brand, and A/S.

Accurate and steady quality of light
High quality, safety proven capacitors, high performance flash tube applied with IGBT technology enables capturing frozen motion pictures as well as brings out clear and steady quality of light in continuous shooting. 
Brings best satisfaction to users. 

G-Light SPEC

Name and function of panel

1. Slave sensor: Synchronize with other lighting.
2. Sound button: Makes beeping sound when flash is charging or discharging.
3. Slave button: Controls the synchronization with other lightings. 
4. Modeling button: Modeling lamp ON/OFF button.
5. O.C Signal: Over charge signal lamp, turns on when over charged.
6. FND-Digitally display power output.
O.T Display: Over temperature warming, display “EO” on the FND 
7. AC Input: Socket terminal for synchro cord.
8. SYN’C: Socket terminal to connect the power cord.
9. Fuse box: Contain fuse 
10. Umbrella holder 
11. Ready button: To test or to manually discharge the flash.
12. Modeling lamp control dial: Controls the brightness of modeling (halogen) lamp.
13. Flash power control dial: Controls the power of the flash.
14. Power switch(ON/OFF)



Name of each part

1. Protection cap
2. Modeling(Halogen) lamp
3. Flash tube(Xenon tube)
4. Accessory disassembling and assembling locking knob
5. Slave sensor
6. Lighting grip
7. Stand stub joint fastening bolt
8. Stand stub joint part
9. Pro fastening bolt 
10. Knob for fastening 
11. Control panel

Main function of Strobe

Duration time-1/8000sec

In implementing IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, no afterimages remain as a result of the high speed photography. Every flash is cut off quickly so noresidual flash is left behind. 30 flashes per second and flash duration time of 1/8000s at minimum power setting.



Analogue & Digital

Even a slightest difference in flash power has a strong effect on great photograph.
The perfect combination of analogue and digital, provides the precision of power control and ability to check light data simultaneously. “Jog dial” enables users to control the light intesity easily and digital panel allows for immediate checking.
E-Series power control ranges in 6 steps from 4.0 to 10 at 1/10 an interval.



Modeling lamp On/Off

Fomex strobes are equipped with modeling lamp (halogen). 
Essential in darkness or to foresee the reflection and directionality of the light.
To completely switch off the modeling lamp press the “MODEL” button. 
Also, by using the “Jog Dial” to adjust the brightness of modeling lamp is possible. 
To reduce power consumption and to easily remember the last setting of the light intensity simply press the “MODEL” button after adjusting the brightness with Jog Dial.



Light/infrared synchronize

When using a strobe, it should be connected with a camera by either sync cable or wireless devices in order to communicate signals. However, it’s impossible to connect every strobe to a camera neither by sync cable or wireless devises. Therefore a basic sync function is needed. The slave function of Fomex strobe is designed to enable users to use as many strobes as user requires as the “Photo Cell” located on top of the strobe sensitively responds even to a dim light. 
“Photo Cell” on top of the strobe, triggers the flash when light is emitted onto the photo cell.
*Notice: This function may not properly work where the light is blocked.



Compatibility with accessory

Fomex E-Series is compatible with all of FOMEX’s studio accessories.
From softbox to reflectors, a broad range of accessories are compatible with E-Series.
To attach an accessory, place the accessory aligning to the front part of strobe then simply turn it counter-clockwise until 
“click” sound is heard. To detach pull back the locking-knob to release the accessory then turn clockwise.



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